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About General Dentistry

General dentistry is an umbrella term that includes so many other branches and specializations. For knowing about dentistry as a whole, it is necessary for aspiring dentists and dental surgeons to attend the certification courses in dentistry, offered by institutions like the Dentx Academy.

Importance of a Fellowship Course in Dentistry

From the fellowship courses in dentistry, conducted by Dentx Academy, students learn practically everything that a general dentist must be aware of. It revolves around not just the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems but also prevention and cure of the same. After attending the fellowship courses in dentistry by Dentx Academy, students will learn all the skills and also gain the confidence to start with their own practice.

Prospects of a Fellowship Courses in Dentistry

A general dentist who has qualified in the Fellowship courses in dentistry from Dentx Academy will be able to have a good job prospect. He/she can start working as a junior doctor at a private clinic, earning about not less than Rs. 18,000 a month. At the same time, a dentist can also start a private practice of his/her own, in which there can be no upper limit of the income, especially when the dentist becomes quite experienced in the field.

Course Starts On: May 24th, 2021.

Course Fee: Rs. 40,000/- + GST.

PAYMENT MODE: Fee has to be paid online.

Course Fee Includes:

  • Theory classes with multiple experts and interactive sessions.
  • Practice area for hands-on models.
  • Sanitization protocols.
  • Materials Like cements, materials for root canal treatments.
  • Instruments for extraction.
  • Impression materials, Trays.
  • Materials to practice Isolation techniques.
  • Hands on to all sterilization techniques.
  • IOPA X-ray software.



This program highlights all the important aspects of a clinical dentistry that helps every dentist to run their individual practice.

  1. THEORY:
  • Diagnosis and Treatment planning.
  • Importance of X-Rays and understanding various x-rays (when to prescribe and diagnosis through x-rays).
  • Various Medical conditions and their importance in Treatment Planning.
  • Fillings: choice of materials for each case and tips for retention.
  • Root Canals: Case selection, steps, techniques, materials and tips for success of treatment.
  • Extractions: Local Anesthesia, Choice of Instruments, techniques, tips for successful painless treatment.
  • Medical emergencies.
  • Crown preparations and choice of crowns.
  • Choice of treatment planning and Case selection (FPD/CD/RPD/CPD/IMPLANTS).
  • Sterilization: Importance, techniques, standard machinery to be bought for a clinic.
  • Isolation techniques.
  • Tips for running a successful clinic.
  • Marketing and patient friendly strategies within ethical limits.

The practical sessions will be conducted on extracted teeth and then on patients.

  1. Examinations:

After the completion of the course, an exam will be conducted for evaluating the skills of student before awarding the certificate.

  1. Examination will include: Theory, practical with viva.
  2. Passing percentage: 50%.
  3. Certificate of excellence will be provided to students who excel in their practical sessions and exam and good overall conduct during the course.
  • Attending regular Op, Consultations, x-rays and treatment planning.
  • Patient counselling (Develop strong communication skills).
  • Unlimited fillings and oral prophylaxis.
  • Root canals minimum – 5 (more than 5 based on availability of patients).
  • Post and Core Cases -2(more than 5 based on availability of patients).
  • Simple extractions -5 (more based on availability of patients)
  • Impactions(Based on availability and under supervision of the tutor only).
  • Crown preparations – Anterior and Posterior 5 each (more based on the availability of patients).
  • Multiple Isolation techniques can be practiced on patients during every case.
  • Sterilization Techniques.
  • Impression Techniques.
  • Preparation Of cast for Lab.
  • Any Enthusiastic Student who want to learn beyond this course can assist the tutors and perform difficult cases under their supervision.


  • Original Degree of BDS/ MDS.
  • Passport size photocopies: 4 Nos.
  • Permanent Registration Certificate/ Provisional Certificate (if permanent registration process is not completed).
  • Aadhar card or any National ID.
  • For NRI students: Passport copy.


  • All theory classes will be conducted online.
  • Students who come for Hands-on sessions will be allotted a time slot. Group of 3 students at a time.
  • Practice Sessions will be under tutor’s supervision and doubts will be addressed on 1-1 basis.
  • All safety protocols will be ensured by Academy.
  • Records will be maintained for every student individually, regarding their theory and practical sessions.
  • Students who do not want to attend their practical sessions can finish their theory and attend the practical sessions after the Pandemic settles down. (Within 6 months from the date of commencement and the certificate will be issued only after the completion of the entire course)
  • Every student SHOULD BRING THEIR OWN extracted teeth/ aerator hand piece/ Typhodont teeth/slow motor hand piece/ hand files/rotary files/ burs or YOU CAN INFORM US PRIORLY and academy can arrange the instruments (These charges ARE NOT INCLUDED in the course fee).


  • More time can be allotted to read, learn and understand the concepts
  • Better chances of interaction with tutors.
  • Better chances to learn new advances in Dentistry and also first hand exposure to new sterilization and precautionary protocols, that now every dentist is adopting to. This will help to broaden your horizons in Dentistry.

Benefits of joining Dentx Academy:
We the team Dentx Academy ensure to secure not only students but also their families. We are happy to provide best dental treatments at affordable costs to all the students and also their families during the term of the course.Terms and Conditions apply.


Lincoln University or its affilated institute Dentx Academy does not conduct a course of study or training which would enable a student of such course or training to qualify himself or the grant of recognized dental qualification in India under Section 10A of the Dentists (Amendment) Act, 1993.

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