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Our academy believes in providing opportunities with vast and unique approach and completely accessible to all students who wish to fulfil their dreams or advance in their careers.

The word PHD is usually long lasting dream for any medical/dental student and this Doctorate degree is huge boost to many of working and teaching medical and dental staff.

In  Dentistry, the concept of Phd degree is still in much of darkness. But our academy is opening new doors of hope for many aspirants making their dream come true.

Highlights of having this PHD degree:

  1. Easy to find your mentors : if you wish to pursue Phd and are finding it difficult to find a mentor, we can help you provide mentors from the university
  2. Personal guidance
  3. Phd graduates from our academy can directly apply for teaching jobs in Malaysia.
  4. This phd degree holds a high value in various countries abroad
  5. You can be mentors again: after 5 years of completion of Phd. You can be a mentor to other aspirants.

Topic of choice and mentor can be chosen by the student or student can choose the topic and we can provide the mentor through the University.

Time Duration: 3 Years

Eligibility: MDS

Course Fee: 7,500 USD

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