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DENTX ACADEMY, the institution with a unique curriculum and fusion of the best practices in Dental and Medical Sciences in association with LINCOLN UNIVERSITY (Malaysia). It is our everlasting passion that has driven us towards training our students with unsurpassed skills in Clinical, Academic and Research domains.

We believe that our ultimate success would be to see our students become strong confident successful professionals who not only treat their patients with perfection but also have an endless passion and dedication towards the profession.

Our Vision

The focus of DENTX ACADEMY is to prepare students for career success through multiple career pathways. By differentiating learning, valuing different student interests and talents and adapting and responding to technology and workplace needs, our students will become industry certificated to meet the workplace readiness needs of the 21st century.


Our Mission

The mission of DENTX ACADEMY is to educate students to become competent in all phases of the general practice of dental, medicine, and postdoctoral residents to become proficient in their respective specialty fields. The DENTX ACADEMY is committed to ensuring graduates excellence in the art and science of dental and medicine, and their commitment to independent, lifelong learning.



Missions #1

Promote excellence in teaching and learning.


Missions #2

Provide hands-on instruction.


Missions #3

Increase student access to learning through the use of technology.


Missions #4

Assist graduates in securing gainful employment in the dental and medical fields.

Our Services

Our team at DENTX ACADEMY believes that education and gaining knowledge is a continuous process and should not be restricted to any particular medium.

Our passion to teach has guided us towards  opening new doors for educating students. Here we come with both online and offline courses customised in a way to suit all stages of students placed between undergraduates to professional practitioners.

Dentx Academy 

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